New Divi Teams Announced by Elegant Themes

New Divi Feature: Divi Cloud Sharing

Great to see Divi adding a new service feature today and how well this will work with our design team. Most of ya’s have probably already heard of  Divi Teams and Divi Cloud.  Well….. Divi Cloud sharing kinda brings those two features together and makes working together quicker, easier and adds efficiency.

“Divi Cloud Sharing, today’s new feature, brings these two systems together and allows you to share your Divi Cloud items with your team members, and for your team members to share their items as well.

Everyone can choose who gets access to their Divi Cloud library and what they are allowed to do with the items stored within it. You can allow people to manage, add and delete items, or you can limit them to use-only access, which will allow them to use your Divi Cloud items, but not edit or delete them.”

To read all the information, you can check out the blog post at Elegant Themes Here.


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