Divi Background Video Center Position

Divi Background Video Center Positioning is not simple to do using the options for Divi Video Background. With Divi you have several options for positioning a background image, but with a background video the options become quite limited. One way to accomplish this is with some additional CSS. The Justify Content is your friend when getting your video centered within the background of a section. You can play around with many of the options below for positioning, but the one you most likely need is the centered one.

Place the below code into your Custom CSS section under Divi Options. You can also look at adding this code, directly into your page CSS if you have other background videos on other pages.

Divi Background Video Center Positioning CSS

display: flex !important;
flex-direction: column;
justify-content: center;

The need to vertically align a background video in Divi is quite common if text or a logo is used withing the video itself. This scenario requited a little bit of CSS to accomplish the look you need to get the Text or Logo of the video centered on your video background.

The above code simply sets the display as flex, flex direction “column” makes the video vertical (stacked) and the justify-content places the video.

If you are looking to vertical align a video background on your Divi website, the above code should do the trick for you.

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