Divi Admin Label

Divi Admin Labels

Help improve organization of your Divi Theme Website by using the Admin Labels for Sections, Rows and Modules. Yes this does take a bit more time, but if you toggle from Divi Builder to Wire Frame you will easily find what you are looking for, Using the Admin Labels correctly will save you time overall as you continue to work and maintain your website.

Divi Admin Labels Help End Users

When you hand off your website to a co-worker or client you can really help them out by letting them easily see what the section, row and modules are by using the Admin Label. Creating a website using the Divi Theme and Builder really make life easy for all, but using the Admin labels really help with organization and make simple updates quicker.

Divi Admin Label Helper Plugin

As always to help things along you can sometimes find a plugin / extension to help accomplish tasks while using Divi. Divi Admin Label Helper does just that by stream lining some of the admin labels while you are working.

One thing we love is how we can move the Divi Admin Label to the top of each Divi Section / Row and Module. In may cases you can auto populate the admin labels with some of the Divi Modules.

Divi Admin Labels overall are super useful for both the developer and end user, so be sure to keep track of each item on your site. Overall you will be glad you did at some point. If you decide to use a plugin to help with Divi Admin Labels, check out some of the features of Divi Admin Label Helper.


  • Enable or Disable Admin Helper Plugin
  • Move Admin Label to Top
  • Keep Admin Toggle Open
  • Auto Label Modules.

Check out the Video below to see the Divi Admin Label Helper in action.