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Divi Tabs Maker is an extension we picked up a few months ago and has yet to disappoint. So lets dig into what makes this Divi Extension a great extension to have available.

First let me give some input on why tabs can be effective on a website. Tabs on a website deliver directed information, control space on the website and reduce page loads or scrolling on mobile.

We used the Divi Tab Maker this weekend for a clients mobile wedding invitation and we were able to deliver a lot of infomation on the mobile screen quickly and effectivly. That is the power when using tabs on a website, but lets get into the power Divi Tabs Maker extentstion brings to you.

I have a habit of wanting to add CSS to make any extension do just a bit more. Like stay horizontal on a mobile screen. So as I was figuring out the best way to do this, then I remembered Divi Tabs Maker seemed to have alot of settings. I quickly looked and saw the below settings.

Divi Daily

This saved me time and to be honest Divi Tabs Maker has soooooo many settings. I was gonna count setting options for this post, but I will believe the plugin page that says HUNDREDS of design settings are available.

I do enjoy coding and adding CSS when needed, but I also appreciate the thought process that goes into a  plugin / extension. No shortcuts were done when creating this extension and as I said in the first paragraph. Divi Tabs Maker has yet to disappoint.

Divi Tabs Maker in Action

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Saturday November 25th 2023
11:00 AM

555 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Dress code
Including a line about the wedding’s dress code is optional but can be helpful for guests; however, if your wedding is black tie, you must include that on the invitation. If you don’t include dress code information on the invitation, then guests will infer attire details based on the formality of the wedding invitation itself (i.e., if the invitation is very fancy, guests will likely anticipate a formal affair). The dress code line should be listed on a line following the reception location.

Wedding website

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